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1501 East Woodfield Road, Suite 110E
Schaumburg, IL 60173-4945

Team Directory

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Executive Team

Blair Farwell

Blair Farwell RHU, REBC   View Bio
(847) 598-0012


Individual Health/Medicare Team    Divisional Phone: (847) 598-6006

Linda Medrano

Linda Medrano RHU, REBC   View Bio
Vice President Individual Health & Medicare Division
(847) 598-0018

Tonia Berglund

Tonia Berglund   View Bio
Individual Product Representative
(847) 598-0026


Tracey McCarville

Tracey McCarville   View Bio
Individual Product Representative
(847) 598-0024


Tonia Berglund

Michele Bachi   View Bio
Individual Product Representative
(847) 598-0002



Employee Benefits Team    Divisional Phone: (847) 592-0941

Katie Mangan

Katie Mangan   View Bio
Vice President
Employee Benefits Division
(847) 598-0015

Ines Vunic

Ines Vunic   View Bio
Existing Case Management
(847) 598-0043


Roselee Soto

Roselee Soto   View Bio
Existing Case Management
(847) 598-0023


Nicole Cardenas

Nicole Cardenas   View Bio
New Case Management
(847) 598-0014

Tara High

Tara High   View Bio
New Case Management
(847) 598-0013

Margie Rivera

Margie Rivera   View Bio
Existing Case Management
(847) 598-0038

Mary Ann Pauley

Mary Ann Pauley   View Bio
Quoting Specialist
(847) 598-0011

Maggie Buedel

Maggie Hoglind   View Bio
Quoting Specialist
(847) 598-0042


LTC & DI Team    Divisional Phone: (847) 598-6005

Ron Cohen

Ron Cohen LTCP, DIA, DIF   View Bio
Brokerage Specialist
(847) 598-6002

Denise Zifcak

Denise Zifcak   View Bio
Case Manager
(847) 598-0008

Denise Zifcak

Debbie Klimas   View Bio
Case Manager
(847) 598-0032


Life & Annuity Team    



Core Team

Marianne Puzzello

Marianne Puzzello   View Bio
Accounting Associate/Commissions
(847) 598-0020

Robert Trimble

Robert Trimble   View Bio
Marketing Manager
(847) 598-0010

Gina Ignarski

Gina Ignarski   View Bio
Accounting Manager
(847) 598-0006

Matt Kopecky

Matt Kopecky   View Bio
CRM Architect
(847) 598-0040

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Resource Brokerage LLC
1501 East Woodfield Road, Ste 110e
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Toll Free: 1-800-605-7566
General Phone: (847) 605-1200


Phone: (847) 592-0941
Fax: (847) 605-1494


Phone: (847) 598-6006
Fax: (847) 605-1331

Life, Annuity, LTC, DI & CI

Phone: (847) 598-6005
Fax: (847) 619-9592


"I've been on both sides of the aisle - as a client and as a vendor. From my experiences I feel qualified to state that your product knowledge, training and sales expertise, and understanding of the client's needs were exceptional and invaluable to my selling success. Whenever I had questions (and there were many!) you responded very quickly and in many instances, gave me additional ideas that helped with the sale."

"I am looking forward to many, many additional sales with your help!"

"Great job prepping this case for us. I completed initial review on Thursday and have been able to approve this morning (4 business days) !"

About Us - Who We Are

Resource Brokerage is one of the Midwest’s leading FMOs, providing brokers a choice of Group Benefits, Major Medical, Life, Annuities, DI, LTC and Linked Benefits all in one place.

Brokers work with a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in the lines of business they support. These teams also constantly undergo training and education with a focus on credentials that mean the most to our industry. Our management team is led by seasoned industry professionals with true brokerage experience and the know-how to help get things done for our brokers.

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