Turn business owner trends into
IDI opportunities

Knowing what business owners value can help you meet their protection needs. Use the 2019 business owner survey to give you — and your clients — an inside look at how they feel about protecting their business, employees and income with individual disability insurance (IDI).

Trend: Business protection ranks as owners' No. 1 priority, yet 54% of them don’t have a plan.


Trend: Affordability drives employee-benefit decisions, and owners value benefits that help them recruit and retain top talent.


Trend: Income protection ranks No. 3, but 58% of owners don't have a plan in place.

Opportunity: Help clients prioritize their needs. Our team of experts can help you recommend the right solutions with a complimentary informal business valuation and buy-sell agreement review.


Opportunity: Principal® offers group and individual disability solutions that can be customized to help meet their needs and budget. Plus, discounts may be available.


Opportunity: Show clients this short video about how individual Disability Income (DI) insurance can help them pay their bills and maintain their lifestyle if they’re too sick or hurt to work.



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Stats used are from the 2019 Business Owner Market Survey, performed by Principal® and Harris Poll®, January 2019.