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Procedure to FFM (Re)Certify for the 2021 Plan Year

If you have not already successfully logged in, we strongly suggest you take a minute and read this entire page before clicking on the hyperlink thus saving yourself a lot of frustration.

  1. CMS has acknowledged known issues with accessing the Marketplace Learning Management System (“MLMS”) using Internet Explorer so we recommend accessing the following link using either Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers to start your training for the 2021 Marketplace Certification. Additionally, CMS has acknowledged the site was not programmed to be accessed from mobile device access. Therefore, you should only attempt to login using a desktop or laptop PC.

  2. Have your MLMS User ID and Password available. In the event you do not recall the login information you created previously, click the “Forgot User ID?” function within the website. If you cannot recall your password once you have recovered your User ID, then you can use the self-serve password reset functionality. Some brokers have indicated difficulty recalling the “challenge questions”-- if you have issues, call CMS Portal Tech Support at 1-855-267-1515. You should have your NPN available when you call. Some of our employees have used it, and our universal experiences to date was that they were very efficient and helpful. As of this sending, hold times were not much longer than a few minutes although we would expect the hold times to lengthen in the short term. We strongly suggest you attempt the three security question “self-serve” prompts before calling.

  3. To complete the login process, you must accept the Terms & Conditions of the portal use.

  4. After successfully logging in, you will be presented with your “My Access” screen. Click on the ‘Complete Agent Broker Training’ link next to the item marked “Incomplete”.  You will be presented with two training options—(1) AHIP [$20 for FFM training for returning agents and brokers, $55 for first year certification; CE credits available for a fee] or (2) MLMS [CMS site provided at no charge]. If you choose AHIP, click on the ‘Access Training’ hyperlink. If you choose MLMS, click on the ‘Return to Training’ hyperlink. Most agents and brokers choose to complete their training through the MLMS so the remainder of these step-by-step instructions will pertain to MLMS.

  5. After selecting the ‘Return to Training’ hyperlink, you will be presented with your FFM Profile screen. Make any necessary changes (fields are prefilled per your last login) and click the Save or Next button.

  6. You will be presented with your Home Page. Click on ‘Curriculum Status’ on the left side of the screen. You will see CMS has assigned the PY2021 AB Marketplace Training—Individual Marketplace (IM) for Returning Agents and Brokers curriculum to you. Click on that title and you will see the five required modules necessary to complete your 2021 FFM training! CMS advises this refresher curriculum takes approximately one hour to complete. The three modules shown at the bottom of the page are optional and are not required to earn your 2021 FFM Certificate of Completion.

If you have any questions after you get into the website, feel free to call Judy Wrigley at 847-598-0039 on our staff and she will be glad to assist you! Unfortunately, since the website is a CMS controlled portal, we cannot assist you with portal access. You will need to follow the instructions and/or resources above to gain access.

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